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This is the start of something real

This is the start of something real

Dear PANGO & LINN. friend,
Firstly, we would like to thank you for being here.
We clearly have passions in common. Pangolins, quality handcrafted products and conservation, to name a few.

The journal that you've landed on now, is going to be the place where we share what PANGO & LINN. has done with the saved up proceeds from sold products. We feel that you need to see what happens to those funds, therefor we will document everything for you and share the stories here. We will introduce pangolin professionals to you, having them share their experiences and visions with you, too.

PANGO & LINN. works on a 'project to project'-bases. We are constantly in touch with pangolin-professionals across Southern Africa in particular, keeping our ears open to hear how we can help. Together with these professionals, we set goals and then work towards them. This can be anything from providing GPS-transmitters to monitor rehabilitated pangolins, buying trail cameras for research-projects or providing bags of dog food to the tracking-dogs that are trained to find and therefor help to save pangolins from the trade. 
Once a goal has been completed, we document the outcome to raise more awareness for these pangolin causes and then move on to the next goal. The first donations are going to be made this year, in 2020.

Become part of the journey. 
Spread the story, spread this fight.
It's by working together that pangolins can be saved, one by one.

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Feb 22, 2019

It’s brilliant and obviously, I want everything on it.


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