Meet The Maker

PANGO & LINN. was founded in 2016 by Lotty van Hulst.
Born and raised between the rivers in the Dutch countryside, Lotty (30) became a safari-guide in South Africa in 2014 after having travelled there previously as a journalist and documentary maker. 
She left you a personal note:

This brand is a product of the South African bushveld. The result of a deep love for conservation and a true appreciation for ancient, high quality craft.
I founded PANGO & LINN. in 2016, before pangolins became internationally ‘famous’ for their status of most trafficked animal. There weren’t many people that were trying to do something for them at the time, apart from conservationists themselves of course. Most of the wildlife-funding went to rhino- and elephant-focussed causes.

When I founded PANGO & LINN. I’d never met a pangolin in real life myself. I only knew them from my books, as I was a safari-guide back then. But I knew something had to happen to help this animal that captivated me the way it did. To this day, I can't explain how it became so clear to me what this brand had to mean. From day one, I just knew it had to be for pangolins. It dictated every step I took. 

For a long time I was my family and friend’s fix for birthday presents and Christmas gifts. Saving up for pangolins as I went along. On such a small scale though. My fear to fail, kept me from putting my designs out there. So, my head stayed in the sand for quite a while. That changed, when I got to meet my first wild pangolin, in May 2018. When I saw him, I knew. I had to get my act together and push through. For him, for his species. I had to do what I promised I would do. Raise awareness and funds through high quality leatherwork.

Now, over four years after founding the brand, PANGO & LINN. holds a collection of twenty-five timeless items. Slowly made, in the heart of the South African bushveld. Ready to last a lifetime. Ready to be passed on. And, ready to tell the pangolin's story to everyone who will listen.
This brand is my 'love child'. My passion-project that went completely out of hand. I still make every item on my own. Without staff. Without machines. So, if you contact PANGO & LINN. , you will have me on the other end of the line. I would like to thank you, very warmly, for your interest in what I am trying to achieve.
And if you made it to the end of this note that was supposed to be short, you deserve a badge of honour :)

Love from South Africa,