The Vision

Back in the day, products were built to last. Items were made out of heavy duty materials. Lots of time and effort was put into them to extend their lifespan as much as possible. Because of this, these items were passed on. From generation to generation. They aged, yes, but they stayed beautiful and gained character becoming a time capsule in their own right.

Sadly, today’s consumer society works very different compared to just a few decades ago. Products need to be produced as cheap and fast as possible. They now have an expiry date, ready to be replaced. Filling up our natural world with more waste every day.
PANGO & LINN. doesn’t follow today’s consumer-route. Not at all. Not even a little bit.

Every single product gets cut, stained, stitched and finished by hand. Made out of high quality vegetable tanned leather. Every stitch, one by one, is put in with needle and thread by human hands, meticulously with attention to the finest detail.
We are proud to say that we use the saddle stitch method, it’s as old school as it gets and will withstand the test of time. These products are made to last. Made to be passed on and therefor, come with a lifetime guarantee. If you take good care of your product, it will take care of you too.