Care Instructions

Every PANGO & LINN. product comes with a lifetime guarantee.
There are some things you can do, to make sure your product ages with beauty.
Vegetable tanned bovine leather, needs to be worn in.
Shoulder straps and belts that may seem a bit stiff now, will soften as you use them.
The leather is dyed by hand. Even though it has been sealed afterwards, it still may transfer a small amount of colour onto light clothing during the first few times of wearing.
Please, bare that in mind.
Always store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight.
If your product gets wet, let it dry naturally. Never in the sun, and never in front of a heat-source as this will dry the leather out too quickly which could make it crack.
Every once in a while, you can feed the leather with a neutral, natural leather-oil.
Your product may darken a little in colour after doing so.