‘For in the end, we will conserve only what we love. We will love only what we understand. We will understand what we are taught.’ – Baba Dioum

How can you protect or let alone love something that you don’t even know the existence of? Welcome to the pangolin’s biggest problem. The most trafficked animal on the planet that hardly anybody knows about. Also referred to as a ‘walking pine cone’ or ‘lovable artichoke’, this ant-eater is one of the most secretive, illusive and special animals on this earth.

pangolin conservation south africa

Trafficked by the ton and on their way to extinction if we don’t do something now. They’ve been on this planet for about 80 million years, but are now being poached more extensively than elephant, rhinos and tigers put together.
For their scales, their bodies. Because people in especially South-East Asia believe they need to be used, abused and consumed as medicine or in the form of a delicacy on a plate in high end restaurants.

Everything about these animals, is special. Pangolins walk on their hind legs, only eat ants and termites, roll up in a ball when threatened, are mostly nocturnal and carry their baby on their backs. They are the only mammal covered in scales. This body armour consists of keratin, the scales have the same chemical components as human finger nails.

Pangolin conservation south africa
There are eight species of pangolin in the world. Four spread across Asia, four in Africa. Here in Africa, we have the giant pangolin, white bellied pangolin, black bellied pangolin and the Temmincks ground pangolin. This last specie is the one that is most common throughout Africa and is also the only of the four pangolins to occur in South Africa where PANGO & LINN. is based.

We are losing our pangolins to a horrific, savage trade that is too big for this defenceless animal to survive if it does not get help. There are incredible individuals throughout both Africa and Asia who are working tirelessly and with endless dedication, fighting for this specie's survival. These heroes on the ground need all the help they can get. With means to research, rehabilitate and protect. That is where PANGO & LINN. steps in.
Help us, help the warriors on the ground. 
That is what we are here for to do.

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