PANGO & LINN. is a small leather brand on a big mission. With the biggest heart for conservation, fighting for the protection of the pangolin.

Initially founded in 2016, feeling the need to help and to inform others. To educate, to spread the word about this animal and to raise funds by making and selling quality products.
To try and make a difference.

We save up and donate 10-20% of every single wholesaled and retailed product’s proceeds to benefit different pangolin-causes across Africa. From research programs to rehabilitation-facilities.
Together with pangolin-professionals, we look at what is needed where and work towards these goals. By buying a PANGO & LINN. item, you are directly contributing to the protection and conservation of this incredible animal.

The word needs to be spread. That is why every product has a pangolin on it. It helps, to start the conversation everywhere you go. Every person made aware, is a win. Involve them, tell them what is going on. One person at the time, it’s the only way how we can lift the unawareness cloud off the pangolin and instead put it in the light of love and protection.

Every PANGO & LINN. item is of high quality and handmade from scratch to finish. No machines, but hands. No speedy processes, no mass-production, no cheap materials. Every item is crafted with care, time and a fine eye for detail.

Photo: Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital / APWG